Leadership in Governance

DanzigerCorporate provides briefing, coaching and counselling for Boards of Directors of public companies, NHS trusts, and non-profit organisations.

We help to -

  • improve Board effectiveness
  • enhance the level of Director participation in Board proceedings
  • reduce risk for Directors who are apponted to serve on Boards
  • improve Board diversity and skills utilisation
  • empower Directors to manage investor relations in a mutually beneficial way.

Briefings Series for Public Company Directors

Bank Directors’ Review

A review of recent developments affecting UK Bank Directors. The review covers the new Age of Accountability and the trend toward Bank Director liability, Bank Board composition and diversity, bank risk management and the control of liquidity risk and going concern risk, the management of intra-bank conflicts of Interest, banking regulators’ attitudes to Director suitability, the Bank Director’s role in corporate reporting and the Strategic Report, new perspectives on the role of the Audit Committee, and cybersecurity in the banking sector.

Public Company Director: Countering derivative strategies in corporate control transactions

Activist investors use derivative strategies when building a stake to take control at public companies and to replace incumbent Directors. This briefing shows how these derivative strategies work, how activist investors hope to benefit from them, and how Public Company Directors can counter them.

Bank Director: Buying and selling bank branch networks

This briefing, which is based on the Lloyds and RBS branch network divestments, informs Bank Directors and other investors about taking decisions on bank branch network acquisitions and divestments. The briefing covers achieving success and avoiding failure in structuring and executing branch network transactions, valuation and evaluation of branch network businesses, and alternative methods of investing in and divesting out of bank branch networks.

Asset Management: Securitisation as an alternative to AIFMD

A briefing for Directors of EU and overseas asset management firms on structuring investment holdings through European securitisation vehicles. The briefing covers the method of structuring the holdings, the advantages of this structure, and how the structure interacts with AIFMD.

Public Company Director: Induction

A briefing for the newly-appointed Public Company Director. The briefing covers the economics of the Public Company, Board of Directors’ composition and dynamic, what the Board does, Director participation in Board proceedings, Director’s remuneration, the Board sub-committee structure, the nature of the Director’s office, the Director’s legal position, how the Board achieves effectiveness, the Board’s decision-making culture, norms and practices, and how Board performance impacts share price.

Retail Company Director: Managing cyber risk

A briefing for the Director of a Public Company in the retail sector on the management of cyber risk. The briefing explains how cyber attacks occur, why retail companies are particularly at risk, the harm that attacks cause and the precautions that can be taken to avoid attack, and what action the Board of Directors should take in the event of cyber breach.

Board of Directors’ Risk Committee Best Practice

A briefing for the bank or insurance company Risk Committee, or the Board of Directors where there is no Risk Committee. The briefing establishes how the Risk Committee functions, how risk is categorised and controlled, the firm governance surrounding the Risk Committee and how firm structures support its work, the range of risks that are managed by the Risk Committee, and regulators’ attitudes to the Risk Committee and risk management.

The Future of the Public Company Director

Managing in the Spotlight of Activist Investors

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