Board advisory

Danziger Corporate advises Boards of Directors and sub-committees of Boards, and executive and non-executive directors.

We focus on corporate governance, corporate and financial strategy, regulatory compliance, and risk management.

We support the Board of Directors in boosting corporate performance, maximising shareholder value, and managing relations with proactive and activist investors and debt holders.

The Future of the Public Company Director

Managing in the Spotlight of Activist Investors

Danziger Capital Partners LLP
Stirling House 9 Burroughs Gardens, London NW4 4AU
Telephone +44-20-8458 9237


Our publications include articles on -

  • Corporate Finance
  • Derivatives
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • UK Regulatory Compliance
  • Debt Finance
  • Aviation Finance
  • Construction Finance